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Ta fidélité récompensée.

1€ dépensé = 1 point

100 points = 8€ de remise


Choosing Storm is - 2022-01-18T223044.589.png

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee exceptional quality, whether in terms of grip, comfort or the lifespan of your pair of gloves. - 2022-01-18T223708.428.png


Your loyalty is rewarded ! Exclusive pre-orders, discounts, contests... You matter to us, and we'll prove it to you


Delivery made easy

Delivery in 24-72 hours (excluding customization) thanks to our proximity - 2022-01-18T224417.465.png

A personalized service

We support you throughout the season by helping you choose your pairs that we can personalize - 2022-01-18T225217.687.png


We are easily reachable by phone, email, on the networks... do not hesitate!

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